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Hair Flowers

There are lots of ways to incorporate flowers in your hair. In recent years flower crowns have become very popular. You can have a full crown, a half crown (just covering the back of your head), a floral comb or a mix of small individually wired flowers that your hair stylist can weave into the hair style.


Flower Crowns

A full or half crown with foliage and flowers. With or without herbs, scented blooms...Choose your colours

floral hair comb chrisgilesphotography.jpg

Floral comb


Flowers and foliage in your colours attached to a comb or a clip, which you can place into your hairstyle. Most commonly used with a veil 

2021-07-29 10.09.10.jpg

flower girl crown

Flower crowns for children can look overwhelming if you use larger blooms. We recommend smaller ditsy blooms like Gypsophila or Limonium

2023-04-08 14.11.00-3.jpg

Loose flowers

Loose blooms are secured with a wire, which can easily be placed into your hairstyle. The wire grips the hair ensuring it stays snuggly in place.

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