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Pedestal display are great options for decorating your ceremony space. They help to frame your ceremony or welcome guests into the entrance to your wedding. 

Pedestal arrangements can be flower and foliage filled urns, milk churns, meadow boxes, or crates. 


They are super versatile and can be moved to other areas of your venue after the ceremony. 

If you are getting married in a church and wish to have pedestal displays, it is worth checking if they already have flowers. They usually have their own church florist that does the flowers.

Our most popular pedestal displays are our large milk churns, which you can rent from us. 

Other pieces tend to be very personal to fit in with the theme of your wedding, so we can buy them for you to keep after your wedding or you will need to provide them.

2023-09-16 11.23.22-1.jpg

Urn pedestal display


Milk churns. Mark Shaw photography


Church pedestal. Lyra and Moth photography

2023-05-06 10.47.04.jpg

Milk Churn

2022-03-21 09.51.42.jpg

Golden urn pedestal display

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