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Whether you are getting married in a barn, a marquee or a country house, a floral installation can add a real wow factor to your wedding.  

Hanging planks or ladders, hanging hoops and chandeliers, driftwood branch installations and flower clouds are all very popular. The hanging installations can bring a high marquee roof down and create a more atmospheric and romantic feel. 


Most installations will need to be installed early on the day of the wedding as they are made of fresh foliage and flowers and will not last more than a day looking their best. 

The best thing to do if you want to have an installation in your venue is to check that they are happy for you to have one. Most venues will have areas that they are happy to have installations rigged up, however, they may also have requirements or restrictions on where and what you can use to secure them.


Gaby & Keith-558_websize.jpg

Hanging Ladder foliage dressing. Photo by Andy cameras

2023-09-16 11.16.12 web.jpg

Staircase dressing


Hanging floral chandelier. Olivia Wilde photography


Floral pillars. Mark Shaw photography


Hanging driftwood branch. Olivia Wilde photography

2023-09-16 11.23.59-1 web.jpg

Window dressing

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