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Floral arches are one of the most popular and striking pieces for weddings. A floral arch sets the scene and frames your ceremony.


There are lots of different types of arches and lots of options for your florals. You can either have a foliage only arch, a mix of flowers and foliage, or a full flower arch! You can either opt for full coverage, three quarter coverage or one or two carefully placed arrangements.

Most arches are moveable, so you can re-purpose it after your ceremony. (e.g. behind the top table). If you’d like your arch to be moveable and used elsewhere in your wedding,  it is worth mentioning to us when you book so we can suggest one of our portable wedding arch options.

You can either rent one of our arches or provide your own for us to dress, or we can dree a church alter.


Our current arch options for rental are: Tepee driftwood arch, pillar arch, driftwood pillar arch or a traditional metal moon gate.

Tepee Arch Chris Giles Photography

arch 1 chrisgilesphotography.jpg

Church Alter arch  Hannah Wilde photography

HWP05620 web.jpg

Floral pillar arch


Driftwood pillar arch. Photography by Cornwall elopements

driftwood arch.jpg

Floral pillar arch. Ross Talling photography


Floral church arch. Olivia Wilde photography


Tepee arch. Albion Row photography

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