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Furry Friends

We love dogs and what better way to celebrate your big day than with your best furry pal! 

Our most popular arrangement is a design that attaches to your dogs collar.  This can be small or large, however, it is helpful to know how large your dog is, so it fit them perfectly. 

We can also make flowers to attach to the lead.

We only use flowers which are non toxic to dogs. This may mean that they don't have the same blooms as the bridal bouquet, however, they will fit in with your colour palette.

Mr  Mrs Ashton Gittens-166.jpg
Gaby & Keith-290_websize.jpg

Collar corsage. Photo Andy cameras

Paige boy buttonhole

Collar corsage.Albion Row photography​

Full collar coverage. 

Harness corsage. Laura Knuckey photography

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