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Buttonholes are traditionally worn by the groom, best man, groomsmen and fathers of the couple.

You can also have buttonhole style corsages for women. Usually these are worn by the Mother's of the couple.


Our buttonholes are relaxed and natural bound with either twine (for a rustic look) or ribbon and secured with either two pins or a magnet. There is usually a focal flower with greenery and herbs. Popular focal pieces include sea thistles, succulents, poppy seed heads and grasses.

We also do a floral pocket square, which is larger and covers the width of your top pocket. This slots easily into your top pocket and has no need for pins or magnets.

We can make buttonholes for children with safety pins but would not recommend buttonholes for children under 5.

Scott and Dani June wedding Olivia Wilde Photography


Faye and David wedding. Thomas Frost photography


Helen and Jonathon October wedding. Andycameras


Annie and Joel August wedding. Lyra and Moth photography


R and L February wedding.  Thomas Frost photography

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