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Table Centrepieces

Wedding table centrepieces for your guest tables are just as important as all of the other wedding details and provide the perfect opportunity to enhance your venue space while incorporating your theme and style.


It’s worth considering the shape of your table when planning your decor (circular, banquet style, square), if people will be sat on both sides of the table, and the other pieces that will take up space on the table, such as sharing platters, wine, glasses etc.

One of the most popular choices for table flowers is a mixture of bottles, jars and bud vases with seasonal flowers in your colours. These are great as they are very versatile and can be moved around to accommodate other pieces on your tables. They are also budget friendly.

Vases can be rented from us or you can provide them for us to fill. For round tables we recommend 3-5 bud vases, for trestle tables 3-4.

Some other designs could include bowls, jugs, large vases, meadow boxes, runners or garlands of greenery, and different sized candles mixed with foliage and flowers.

Some people also like to put a herb sprig or small stem of foliage on each guest’s napkin.


Stem and bus vases, shells, loose blooms on a log slice. Albion Row photography

2023-10-21 12.03.43-1.jpg

Meadow box

2022-05-07 14.09.01.jpg

large single centrepiece on a round table


Flower and foliage filled stem & bud vases. Ross Talling photography

2022-04-23 14.58.37.jpg

Long foliage runners


Jars of summer flowers. Hannah Wilde photography

2023-09-30 11.12.38.jpg

Candles, stem vases and trailing foliage

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