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Top Table

If you are having a top table you might want consider adding flowers as it is a focus for photos, especially during the speeches.  

Top tables vary in size depending on how many guests you are having sitting with you. It may also be a different shape or size from your guest tables.

A popular option for a rectangular table is a runner or garland of foliage and flowers running along the front of the table. Runners are lighter and looser than a garland, with the foliage placed, rather than tied together. Runners go well interspersed with stem and bud vases of flowers and foliage, or candles.

Garlands are thicker and more voluminous. They are bound together and you can add flowers for pops of colour.

Whatever you decide for your top table, it is worth remembering that it will need to be a low display to enable you to see your guests and visa versa.

Wild trailing garland. Thomas Frost photography


Sweetheart table garland with crates, lanterns and flowers
Chris Giles photography

sweetheart table chrisgilesphotography.jpg

Stem and bud vases 


Candles, bud vases and trailing foliage

2023-09-30 11.05.09-1.jpg

Jars of flowers with smaller stem vases. photo by jamesbstreet

Evie & Dan 20mp-403.jpg
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